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Training. Training. Training. In the film and television action industry, we all spend most of our time training. Honing our fighting skills, working towards the register, and constantly adding new strings to our bows. The goal at the end of this training is to finally find yourself on-set, in front of the camera, and putting those months of practice into action. 

The British Action Academy Action Agency gives us the great pleasure and opportunity to see the hard work of our students pay off, and to experience with them their first days on set as a Skilled Supporting Artist, or a featured Action Artist. We've had loads of productions, ranging from huge blockbusters to small music videos utilising the amazing skill and talent of our students, and as the agency continues to grow we are always busy working on brand new opportunities. 


Super Secret Television Production

One of the most recent productions our students have had the pleasure to work on is a super secret television show (we will let you know what it was once the episodes have aired). This production saw many of our students working together on the same scene. Here's what they had to say about it:


"Working on set as a Skilled Supporting Artist/Special Action, was a very interesting experience. Our role was to be close to the action of the stunt performers, acting almost as a safety barrier between the stunts and the supporting artists. It was great being trusted to work closely to the stunts, and although my BAA training comes quite naturally now, the importance of BEDTRACS was especially highlighted as an element of potential danger was added that isn't experienced on the courses. But I'm pleased to say no-one was hurt and we had a lot of fun being involved in the action."


"Working on this show was a great experience shared with some great friends and talented people. This was my first Skilled Supporting Artist job and due to the training with the BAA I went into the job confident that I could throw myself into the action and take direction well."


“Working on “the super secret televison production” was a great opportunity to work with the amazing group of friends that I’ve trained with on the Warrior Masterclass courses. 

It was the perfect job to get to grips with how well trained Skilled Supporting Artists can act as a safety layer between extras on the production, and some pretty fierce action and stunts performed by the stunt team, whilst at the same adding authentic performance and action to the scenes ourselves, all under the direction of a great stunt co-ordinator.”


"It was great to be part of "the super secret TV series" as my first on screen job. I loved being fitted for costume, seeing how the stunt coordinators and directors worked and to see how the whole process of filming is brought to life. It was also great fun to be working along side my BAA friends on set!"


"One of the most important things I thought about on set was etiquette and professionalism. This specific production had a very large cast of extras and also had very detailed scenes to shoot, which meant a lot of repetition, coordinating and respect. As a conclusion, if there were 4 tips I could share, when it comes to etiquette on set would be:

  • Arrive early and try to remember your A.D. & Stunt Coordinators names, thank them at the end of the day.
  • Keep focused and watchful (stay away from your phone, especially while on set).
  • Take care of each other ! Especially when working in SPECIAL ACTION, we are all a TEAM.
  • Watch out for your fellow performers/friends and be ready to give them a hand or support if you see them struggling with anything specific.

Comedy Special

It's not just our students who have had the opportunity to get on set recently. We love working on productions as it gives our office staff the chance to get onto set and to see where the magic is made. Recently I got to visit my first studio as The British Action Academy worked on a future comedy sketch featuring two of the U.K's best-loved comedians. It was a fantastic opportunity to not only be able to visit the legendary Pinewood Studios but also to watch Chief Instructor Andreas at work.

I soon realised that the hardest part about the shooting is trying not to ruin takes by bursting out laughing as the two comedians not only exchanged barbs with each other but also failed to be kept under control by Andreas. If the final cut is even half as funny as the morning I spent there it's going to result in some true comedy gold. It was a fantastic opportunity, and one I will always remember.


Bounty Hunters Season 2

A production we can talk about now that which aired recently is Bounty Hunters Season 2. You may have seen Andreas make an appearance in the first season of the Jack Whitehall action-comedy, and the British Action Academy returned in full force for Season 2. You may have seen Ian Whyte in the trailer, and you can read more about Ian's on set experiences HERE

Dan from the BAA HQ went down to set to visit, where he bumped into Kester and Ian, who weren't as pleased to see him as he would have hoped. On the day, the team worked hard to create the epic wedding action sequence that happened in one of the episodes

This is just a taste of what we've been working on at The British Action Academy, and there are tonnes of exciting opportunities coming down the pipeline. 

If you want to start your journey to getting on set, and becoming a highly skilled supporting artist check out our course diary right HERE

You can find out more about our agency right HERE.

On Sunday 23rd June we are holding our first ever Agency Day, offering our students a chance to train, get loads of career advice and show-off their skills to our Agency team. Find out more HERE!

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