Ultimate Warrior IV: Journey to the Elite 

Advance on all the skills and techniques learned so far to prepare you to become one of the most elite screen combatants in the industry.

Ultimate Warrior is the final phase of the Warrior Masterclass. Three intense days, representing the pinnacle of screen combat. 

Drawing upon everything you have learned on the Warrior Masterclass, you will hone your performing skills to the highest standard in the industry. From daggers, pistols, double-handed axes to dueling weapons, you’ll learn to use whatever weapon is handed to you to bring your characters to life: whether it's with the cool discipline of a secret agent, the graceful dexterity of a ninja, or the berserk fury of a viking.

You will also be given a multiple choice theory test to complete on the course, amassing all the theory of screen learned from each phase. Results of the theory test will be given on the day. Should you not pass the theory test, you will have the opportunity to re-take at a later date. 

Day three of Ultimate Warrior is a mock practical test day which will prepare you for the one day Advanced Screen Combatant Test which will be set a minimum of 4-6 weeks after Ultimate Warrior Phase IV.

The combination of Ultimate Warrior Phase IV, the successful passing of both the theory test and the Advanced Screen Combatant Test completes the Phase IV qualification and will qualify you as a BAA Advanced Screen Combatant, which is the highest standard of screen combat currently available within the industry.    

Ultimate Warrior Characters

Industry Recognised 

The Warrior Masterclass is recognised in the industry by leading Production Companies, Directors, Producers, Stunt Co-ordinators, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Assistant Directors and Industry Health & Safety. 

You will be taught by UK industry leading Stunt Co-ordinators, Performers and Screen Combatants having co-ordinated and performed on some of the biggest productions of all time.


Ian Whyte - Academy Student & Agency Member

I can't recommend the BAA enough. Great company all round, from the Admin ninjas to the Combat instructors. The courses are tough, but what you get at the end makes it so worthwhile. Accredited qualifications and representation, it's a dream... [Continued]


Barton Williams - Academy Student & Agency Member

Excellent instructors, that demonstrated professionalism, organisation and enthusiasm, whilst making it challenging and personally rewarding... [Continued]


Holly Russo - Academy Student & Agency Member

I always wanted to learn a skill that other actresses with my description would not have. As someone who has enjoyed watching fight scenes growing up I thought doing the Warrior Masterclass would be the best option to learn how to fight on screen. Doing this course has increased my... [Continued]


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This is far more than a qualification. BAA Warriors are a family.

A mobile army of over a thousand Warrior trained fighters, deployed on battlefields and fight scenes for film and TV productions of all sizes. Hundreds of our students have gone on to make lifelong friends throughout their training.

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23 July


For 3 day event

Warrior Masterclass

Phase IV: Ultimate Warrior

This is a 3 day event, starting 23rd July

See full schedule 23 July, 09:00 – 17:3024 July, 09:00 – 17:3025 July, 09:00 – 17:30

The Lord Roberts Centre

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