Warrior Phase I: The Art of Screen Combat

This is where your training begins. Learn how to follow routines and choreography to perform realistic fights for camera.

Over three days of intense practical and theoretical screen combat training, you will learn a variety of professionally choreographed armed and unarmed routines and how to make them look realistic to camera.

You'll learn how to use weapons systems such as: Two Handed Sword, Single Sword, Sword and Shield and Staff/Spear alongside a range of unarmed techniques.

Alongside the intense practical side, you'll learn the in-depth theory of screen combat, set etiquette and how to perform competently, safely and realistically to camera in a variety of combat scenarios. 

Whether you're looking to become a stunt performer, skilled supporting artist or screen fighter, Phase I is by no means a beginners course, the Warrior Masterclass is designed to be a challenge whether you have previous combat/stunt training or not. It will push your limits both physically and mentally! 



Industry Recognised 

The Warrior Masterclass is recognised in the industry by leading Production Companies, Directors, Producers, BSR Stunt Co-ordinators, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Assistant Directors and Industry Health & Safety. 

You will be taught by UK leading British Stunt Register Stunt Co-ordinators, Stunt Performers and Screen Combatants having co-ordinated and performed stunts and action on some of the biggest productions of all time.

If you're an aspiring stunt performer, looking to join the British Stunt Register, or a current stunt performer, looking to expand your stunt skills, the Warrior Masterclass will teach you how to fight for screen in order to expand your current skill set. 

Stage Combat vs Screen Combat

Stage Combat and Screen Combat are considerably different from each other. With different performance techniques. Stage combat centres on the traditional teachings of dramatic combat, based on acting on a live stage to an audience.

Screen Combat centres on the teaching and theory of performing realistically to camera and how to perform ‘on set’ under real set conditions.

Whilst any training in combat is a good starting point, whether it's stage combat or martial arts, if you wish to become a stunt performer or extra in the industry, it is essential to gain screen combat training. Stage combat training can provide a good grounding but as the techniques are considerably different in many areas, being trained in screen combat is essential should you wish to be a performer in the film and TV industry.


Battle Weapon Pack

This is the ultimate training pack for the first 2 phases of the Warrior Masterclass. An essential armoury to help you train throughout the phases! Head over to our shop to kit yourself out Warrior style. 

The Battle Weapon Pack includes: 1 x Two handed sword (Knight), 1 x Staff folding or standard (Hoplite), 1 x Small sword (Pirate), 1 x Optional Shield (Knight/Gladiator), 1 x Pair of BAA sword gloves, 1 x Safety goggles.




Taylor Parkins - Academy Student & Agency Member

Signing up to phase 1 of the warrior masterclass truly changed my life. The training you receive from the instructors is outstanding and l learnt such a vast amount throughout the phases, not only about screen combat but also about myself. It is a challenging journey where you will... [Continued]


Daniel Fathers - Academy Student & Agency Member

I've been an 'Action Actor' for the last 20 years in Hollywood, Canada and UK. I've been shown how to fight with arms, as well as unarmed combat by some of the best Fight Choreographers and Stunt Co-ordinators in the business, but I've never been formally trained in those skills until I reached the British Action Academy. I learned so much...  [Continued]


Steve Barnett - Academy Student & Agency Member

Just finished Phase 1 Warrior Course ... "What a Fantastic Experience". The course was so much more than I expected and brought out of me some moves and energy that I did not think were possible! The instructors were so helpful and professional. As someone who is pushing 59 years old, the course pushed my... [Continued]


Join Our Ranks

This is far more than a qualification. BAA Warriors are a family.

A mobile army of over a thousand Warrior trained fighters, deployed on battlefields and fight scenes for film and TV productions of all sizes. Hundreds of our students have gone on to make lifelong friends throughout their training.

Approx 75% of all the yearly intake of stunt performers onto the British Stunt Register, have completed a course at the British Action Academy.

We're so proud to see our students achieving their goals in becoming stunt performers and skilled supporting artists.

The power of the female Warrior....
The power of the female Warrior....


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