Battle Phase II: Clash on the Battlefield

Advance the skills you've learned on Warrior Phase I and learn how to use a variety of new weapons in many different combat situations.

Once you have successfully completed Phase I, you can move onto Battle Phase II.

These intensive and fun three days will advance you from performing in pairs to various sized teams working up to full mixed-weapon battlefield clash scenarios. 

You will be introduced to new routines and weapon systems such as: Spear and Shield, Gladius and new unarmed techniques. You will also advance the weapons and techniques learned on Warrior Phase I.

You will be guided and instructed by leading action professionals. having worked and performed on some of the biggest productions of all time.

You must meet the required standard in order to pass Battle Phase II, but you will have the opportunity to be reassessed at a later date if needs be. 

Industry Recognised

The Warrior Masterclass is recognised in the industry by leading Production Companies, Directors, Producers, Stunt Co-ordinators, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Assistant Directors and Industry Health & Safety.

You will be taught by UK industry leading Stunt Co-ordinators, Performers and Screen Combatants having co-ordinated and performed on some of the biggest productions of all time.



Aki Yunus - Academy Student & Agency Member

BAA are determined to guide you towards success - it's hard, oh boy it's hard but so very worth it. Since I joined the BAA Agency after Battle Phase II of the Warrior Masterclass, you receive informative casting calls and at the same time the Agency will provide you with any crucial information leading up to your call time. You're never... [Continued]


Armelle Binns - Academy Student & Agency Member

I love martial arts and learning to fight in a controlled environment, the weapons are a great extension of this! I'd never picked up a weapon before and felt a great sense of achievement learning how to use them for the routines. The course is tough, you learn a lot in a short space of time, it's full on, and a hard graft, I could barely... [Continued]


Bill Moran - Academy Student & Agency Member

The courses offered by the BAA were a real godsend to me and will be for anyone aspiring to have a career in the film industry.These unique, professional, intense and enjoyable classes really catapult your skill sets to a higher level. Two days after passing Phase 2 I was on set representing... [Continued]



Join Our Ranks

This is far more than a qualification. BAA Warriors are a family.

A mobile army of over a thousand Warrior trained fighters, deployed on battlefields and fight scenes for film and TV productions of all sizes. Hundreds of our students have gone on to make lifelong friends throughout their training.




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17 September


For 3 day event

Warrior Masterclass

Phase II: Battle

This is a 3 day event, starting 17th September

See full schedule 17 September, 09:00 – 17:3018 September, 09:00 – 17:3019 September, 09:00 – 17:30

Guildford Spectrum

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