Warrior Club provides regular practice sessions for Warrior Masterclass students  

Warrior Club is a chance for students of our Warrior Masterclass to meet up regularly with fellow Warrior comrades and practice under the guidance of our instructors, with access to our entire armoury at set times in-between Warrior Masterclass phases!

Details of the sessions

Held at our own venues, Warrior Club is the perfect place to iron out those niggling B.E.D.T.R.A.C.S/character issues with our instructors, so that you're more prepared than ever to either progress to the next phase or to pass that re-assessment! All sessions are open to those who have passed and those who have not met the standard. 

Sessions can range from morning, afternoon or evenings and can be held either on weekends or weekdays. They are also divided up into Phase training groups, so if you're Phase IV, you will practice with other Phase IV's and people who have completed the Screen Combatant Test. This ensures that people are all at roughly the same standard.

How to book 

Should training sessions be on a weekend and there are both morning and afternoon sessions available, you're more than welcome to book both and make a full day of it. You will, however, need to make 2 separate bookings (morning and afternoon). 

Check out our current training sessions at the right hand side of this page and book your place!

If you can't see a current practice session for your phase group, don't worry, please keep checking our website, we'll add more on as soon as we have them confirmed and of course, we'll always send an email letting you know. 

Make sure you book the right practice session relative to the Phase you're currently at.



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