Jonathan Hatfield - Academy Student & Agency Member

"B.L.A.S.T. was as awesome as the trailer suggests! Very physically demanding and challenging as well as exciting!

The instructors were all of the highest standard; very knowledgable, helpful and constructive... it was a brilliant experience!

I'm an actor so I attended the course to boost my skill set, I am fully aware I will probably not get booked to perform the vast majority of what I learned on the course due to not being on stunt register HOWEVER, they are still skills I am glad I have explored plus I am also really glad that I chose to experience this with BAA!

Who knows, perhaps some day an opportunity will arise to jump from height and land onto an airbag or get catapulted across a room professionally! I'm just glad to have done this course regardless of what comes of it... it certainly doesn't look bad on the CV that's for sure!!

It was very fun and I enjoyed pretty much every moment of it! It gives a real taster of what the real stunt guys do!"

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