A Warrior's Experience - First Phase Fear or Ferocious Fans?

We know how it feels to be at the start of a career path, the nagging uncertainty, the weight of the decision making process on your shoulders, all marinaded in a heavy dose of excitement. Because, hey you’re a total stunt and action movie nut, you live for the thrill and you’ve watched all our course videos nodding, your imagination on overdrive yearning to have a go.

Whatever the lingering questions you may have, we are always here to help, guide and fill you with the confidence to tackle your first step on your Warrior Masterclass journey.

So I’ve done some of the research for you, to bring to you a fresh first-hand insight from some of our wonderful new students that have just completed Warrior Masterclass Phase I. Here are some snippets of the interview I had with Kashmir, Scott, and Sam who are all starting their Warrior Journey to inspire you to start yours soon. 

Just beware of dragons…

Jo "What were you expecting to get out of the Warrior Masterclass Phase I course? Cuddly toy? Chainmail?"

Kashmir "I was expecting to learn the ins and outs of the action industry and how combat and weapons are made adaptable for film".

Scott "I was expecting to learn the basics of screen combat and have a foundation to build upon".

Sam "I guess I was expecting to simply meet the standard of Phase I and move onto Phase II :) ".

Jo "Good to know our advertising and pre-course advice hits the mark, you'll have to buy your own chainmail"!

Jo "What was it like the first day you arrived on Phase I? Were you nervous? Did you hear the Warrior roars from the cafe?"

Kashmir "Ha! I wouldn’t say I was nervous, but I guess whenever you’re around new people you’re not as outgoing as you usually are around people you know."

Scott "A little nervous because I didn’t really know what to expect but mainly excited to meet some new people and learn some cool moves."

Sam "Not particularly. I’ve competed in lots of full-contact martial arts which helps to deal with intense occasions." 

Jo "How were the instructors? Scary, hairy and full of Viking rage?"

Kashmir "The instructors were really friendly, fun and professional, they managed to keep the learning experience light, so all the information was easily digestible".

Scott  "The instructors were great. Very skilled and good at motivating a physically tired rabble".

Sam "The instructors were great. Down to earth and incredibly friendly". 

Jo "Ah noted, we need to dress them up as scary, hairy Vikings more :)".

Jo "How were the other students? Did you make any friends"?

Kashmir "Everyone was friendly and supportive, and at the end of the course, we all exchanged numbers and created a WhatsApp group to stay in contact".

Scott "Most people were very friendly and sociable. We’ve got our own WhatsApp group and have already planned a few meetups to practice".

Sam "There was a great mix of students of all ages, backgrounds, and ambitions within the film and TV industry. I always make friends :). Being on set and martial arts are my main source of socialising"! 

Jo "It’s so very important to make those groups and get together to train! I love to hear the BAA friendship stories, we know those friendships last a lifetime"!

Jo "What was the best part of the course? Please don’t say lunch :)".

Kashmir "Learning basic weapons forms".

Scott "I enjoyed all the practical stuff but mainly learning to use the broadsword and cutlass".

Jo "I hope you put on your best Pirate voice ahhhhhhh"!

Sam "The best part or most exciting part of the course for me was the large battle scene at the end. I really got into that". 

Jo "That’s when the real roaring starts"!

Jo "Was there anything on the course that you found challenging"? 

Kashmir "Early morning starts". 

Jo "You had better get used to that when working on set,  it will often require early call times"!!

Scott "I found the choreography for the staff/spear particularly challenging. More practice needed"!

Sam "Mainly nerves when it came to remembering the steps under pressure, however, I was fine actually". 

Jo "Please tell me that you are planning on doing Phase II right"?

Kashmir "Yes! I’m already booked for Phase II in November"!

Scott "Yes, I’m hoping to spend some time perfecting my technique before doing Phase II in March 2020".

Sam "Most definitely".

Jo -"Resounding YES then! Cracking stuff".

Jo "What are your training plans between now and your next Phase? Sitting on the sofa and watching Braveheart five times"?

Kashmir "LOL, no, to train on the weapons and unarmed routines".

Scott "I plan to spend some time working on the moves individually to make sure I’ve got them down in my head before planning some group sessions. My friend Hazel is taking Phase II in November and wants to practice so it’s good to have a regular partner".

Sam "I’ve been putting in an hour a day, drilling through the routines. Because I’m doing the Phase II course in March I would like 200 hours of drilling under my belt before then. I don’t expect perfection from myself but I do always go for excellence". 

Jo "Great attitudes all round there! Keep that sh*t up"!

Jo "Did you take anything away from the course that you didn’t expect? Some people find love, take away dragons and severed heads from Andreas’ battlefield collection".

Kashmir "I left with a greater understanding of how screen combat operates and the technicality of turning an acted-out fight scene into a real action scene on screen".

Scott "I thought it would just be a bit of fun and something to put on my C.V. I didn’t realise I would take it as seriously and have designs on working my way through all the Warrior Masterclass Phases".

Sam "Yes, it helped me to conquer my performance anxiety in front of a crowd. By the end of the course I could relax and really started to feel the characters". 

Jo "Shucks, no dragons! Must chuck one on the van for the next Phase I".

Our next Warrior Masterclass Phase I (your last chance of 2019), is on 3rd, 4th, and 5th December. Book now to start this unique experience and to take your Warrior voyage into 2020.


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