Cine-Comfort: To be fooled or to be a fool?

There are a big series of questions that you must ponder upon when stumbling in to a cinema... of course questions that must be thought with careful precision, yet quick judgement. Where are you going sit? Will you go for luxury or standard seating? How much are you prepared to pay? Big questions, for a big topic.

The Great Cinema Debate:

Money is a problem when going to the cinema, you have to pay the most ridiculous prices to go these days... I am frequently reminded by my 90 year old Grandmother that in her day, you could go to the cinema for MUCH cheaper and you would be able to watch more than one film and watch other things in the cinema. Granted... they didn't have TV as we now know back then, but still... it sounded like you got a lot more at the cinema for your money than you do these days.

If you are a serious film buff, when watching your most anticipated film of the year... would you be a fool to save money and to sit in the standard seats with mild discomfort? Or have you avoided being fooled to pay more money for seats that are only a tad better?

Check out our categories below to work out where you fit into all of this. 

The Cinema 'Fool': A Money Saver

To be clear, the title suggests that if you fit into this category, you are a fool... this is not always the case. You are paying to go to the cinema, which is more than can be said for those dodgy pirate streamers, you know who you are.

If you find yourself in this category, you are clearly someone who likes to save money. You are someone who probably isn't a regular cinema goer as you haven't been exposed to the comfort of cinema seating or you have gone too much and so you can't afford to pay anything more than the lowest amount of money it would cost to go to the cinema due to your many endeavours.

Cinema executives point and laugh at you... you tried to play them at their own game and you lost to pain. However, whilst the execs point and laugh - they aren't getting all of your hard earned cash. 

The Apathetic Wanderer:

You are someone who is indifferent to whatever happens. You are chill.. you'll go with the flow. You'll leave you fate with your mates. Standard? Premium? They're just words and you'll do whatever... cost doesn't matter and nor does anyone else.

You are Vincent Vega (John Travolta) you looked confused, you follow the crowd. You're easy to fit in and people love you for it.

The Prima Donna: Give Me What I Want

Oh hai Madonna... I didn't recognise you!

You're defo the Diva that everybody knows about. You're the one who comes into the cinema to talk through the film. The one to eat loudly, the one to text with the sound on loud and to get lairy when the poor cinema employee comes in to tell you off.

You're going to get the Premium seats, even if you don't pay for them... you'll make sure one way or another.

The Sh*t Stained Parent: 

To you... a cinema visit is an expensive luxury that you don't want to bring your kids too. Your kids want the best - the biggest popcorn, the biggest Tango Ice-Blast... the premium seats. Your heart shudders at the very thought... you know your wallet is empty... but it feels like there is no way out - you want the cinema and unfortunately so do your kids.

If go to the cinema with your kids...  you know you'll regret it. You know you're not watching that film... but you're determined. You'll try to dodge the parent 'turn' when little Johnny has an accident... You'll try... but very few succeed.

The Old Geeza: 

You don't know what you're doing in the cinema... you prefer the old days, the B Movie, the Ads... nothing is like it was before. You go when you can... but ultimately feel as disappointed as you were the last time you bit the bullet and went back to the cinema.

You're traditional... if it's not broken, don't fix it.

The "Take My Money" Film Buff... or "The Fooled?"

You are there every week... if not every day. The Cinema staff are wary of you... they have a nickname for you. You are proud of your commitment to the cinema, though your bank balance might disagree.

You take film-watching seriously. You won't let discomfort get the better of you... and so you ensure you get the best seats. However, you fuel the paycheques of the entire work force of the cinema, without you... they would be nothing. But yet, without the cinema... you wouldn't be you.

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