It's Never Been A Better Time To Get Into The Action...

From the BBC iPlayer and Sky On Demand to Netflix, Amazon, Britbox, Disney + and Apple TV. There is no doubt that streaming has changed the way we consume content, and as a consumer, with more and more streaming services arriving, it can be quite hard to keep up with the sheer amount of television shows and movies coming our way,  not to mention the cost of being subscribed to everything. If you're in the US it's even harder with each channel seeming to have their own service. CBS has put Star Trek behind a pay-wall. HBO is launching their own streaming service. Keeping up with everything takes a lot of time and a lot of money. 

It's not all doom and gloom though. Competition naturally breeds fairer prices, and if you're looking to get into a creative industry, especially if you're looking to get into Screen Action or Stunt Performing in the UK, it's never been a better time.

As the landscape of streaming has changed the streaming services have had to adapt to it. Netflix made an impact by licensing content from other channels and studios, creating a way for people to access movies and TV shows online that wasn't available elsewhere. If you wanted to watch the complete series of Prison Break, you either had to wait for re-runs or buy the DVD. Netflix filled this gap in the market. Time has moved on though, and studios and channels are realising that there is more money to be made in keeping their content and intellectual property to themselves and having their own streaming channel. The number of movies on Netflix has decreased by 40% in the last five years. You may have noticed in recent months that Disney content, including Marvel and Star Wars, has disappeared from Netflix. This is so Disney can have them exclusively on Disney +, their own streaming service dropping in the UK in March, and already available in the US. The reason behind this delay is most likely down to waiting for Disney's contract with Sky to run out.

So, how does this help you as a budding performer? Well, the more streaming services that emerge, the more content they're going to need. Not everyone has the back catalogue that Disney owns, and this means there is going to be a huge amount of investment in new content, and the demand for skilled performers is going through the roof! 

Each streaming service has its own unique battleplan, hoping to emerge victorious from the streaming war. Amazon has spent big on unique intellectual properties and franchises. Putting their money into shows such as Jack Ryan and The Lord Of The Rings (the rights alone cost $250 million), hoping these recognisable names will bring in the viewers. Disney is banking on its huge back catalogue of content, as well as spin-off series for their most popular franchises with the likes of The Mandalorian and Loki series. Netflix and Apple have taken a slightly different approach. They've gone after creatives and locked them into huge deals. Apple has invested in directors such as Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shymalan to develop their shows. Whilst Netflix has tied down showrunners such as Ryan Murphy, of Glee and American Horror Story fame, and Benioff and Weiss from Game Of Thrones in a deal reportedly worth $200 million.

So who will win this war? Well, the answer could be you. In the rush to produce these new shows and movies there is going to be a huge demand for performers, and in the epic, action-packed landscape that we find ourselves in, the need for Skilled Performers and Skilled Supporting Artists has never been bigger, and at the moment there just isn't enough skilled performers to fill this demand. 

In 2018,  the UK recorded a £3.1 billion spend on film and television, with a 10% increase in spending on film, and an 18% increase in spending on high-end television. This has only increased in 2019. It was also revealed earlier this year that Netflix had entered a deal with the Pinewood group to turn Shepperton Studios into their production hub, with a huge expansion expected. It's an incredibly exciting time to be part of the film and television industry in the UK. 

So we know there is a huge amount of opportunity to get involved with the Screen Action industry in the UK, and the next question is how? How do you get involved? The answer is relatively simple... you need to have the right skills. If production is looking for skilled performers, then you need to be skilled. The bread and butter of action performers are fight scenes, and that's where the Warrior Masterclass course comes in, teaching the essential skills in the art of screen combat. Over the four phases of the course, you will train to become an Advanced Screen Combatant, an elite group that contains some of the industry's best screen action performers. 

The British Action Academy also runs an Action Agency, which supplies skilled performers to the film and TV industry. Our students and agency members have worked on a huge range of productions in the UK, from Marvel and Star Wars to Pennyworth, Giri/Haji, and The Spanish Princess. Our Agency has also seen the demand for Skilled Performers rise, and have taken the decision recently to re-open our agency books to meet this growing demand. Our Agency is an invite-only agency, which is exclusive to our students, and we are looking for those with the dedication and passion to become the best screen action performers in the UK. However, it is worth noting that there is never a guarantee of getting work in this highly competitive industry, as we say time and time again to our students, if you are talented and keep your skills to a high standard then you will stand out from the crowd.

Does this sound like you? If it does, what are you waiting for? The opportunity is there... grab it!

If you are interested in becoming a Skilled Supporting Artist or Action Performer check out our Warrior Masterclass course HERE for more information on how to start your training!


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