Top Tricks For Training At Home

It's been a whirlwind few weeks, and we are all very much feeling the effects of COVID-19 and social isolation. This means all of us have had to cancel our group training plans, especially meeting up with fellow Warriors to go through our routines and train together. The good news though is that we can still keep the Warrior Spirit intact and our training plans on track by training at home and supporting each other using our many wonderful modern methods of communicating such as The British Action Academy and BAA Student Facebook Pages, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Many of our Advanced Screen Combatants spent hours training on their own, perfecting their routines at home. The dedication of a warrior never tires, and you will need to find this in yourself in the next few months.

In this article, we are going to be going through our top tips for training at home.



1. Make use of your homework videos!

This is the perfect time to do your homework. We know putting your own routines together is incredibly fun, but when you turn up to your next Phase of Warrior Masterclass you will need to know your homework routines off by heart, so if you're at home at the moment, it's a great opportunity to start learning so that these routines become second nature to you!


2. Film yourself!

The golden rule of screen combat... The camera never lies! So even if your routine felt great whilst you were doing it, we would always recommend recording yourself performing the routine and watching back the playback, critiquing yourself and comparing against your homework video. We know this can be hard when you are by yourself, but focus on routine retention and getting your character right. 


3. Make sure you have adequate space!

This might sound like an obvious one, but if you are training at home make sure you have the right amount of space to perform without destroying your home. This means that you have enough room to move through and swing a sword without hitting anything. If you're shadow boxing in the mirror, remember the three fist rule, which may look more like six fists 😉. As the weather improves, get outside in the garden.


4. Research your characters!

Training at home doesn't mean that you have to constantly be performing, you can also use this time to research your characters. You can do this by reading about the time period, or watching iconic films which utilise the characters you are being asked to portray. If you're practising the Pirate you can check out our hand article featuring lots of advice right HERE! Treat this as a chance to settle in and watch some classics!


5. Work on your fitness!

One thing you can definitely do whilst at home is to keep fit! This is essential for both your physical and mental well being if you can't get out. Clear a space in your front room and get yourself moving. There are plenty of free workout routines on youtube, so don't be limited by not being able to go to the gym.


6. Get used to your weapons!

Use your training weapons as much as possible! If you don't have any you can purchase them from our store HERE. Getting used to the weight of the weapons, and building up your stamina whilst using them will be a huge benefit on your next course! If you are using weapons sourced from home then try moving onto heavier weapons, or adding weights to your current weapons, this will make your wrists stronger, and help with your stamina!


7. Keep in touch!

As mentioned above, it's essential to keep in touch with your fellow Warriors. Help inspire each other, and take inspiration from others! If you need any help with any of your training, let us know! If you have any training queries we can help, and we'd love to see how you are progressing so send us your videos or post them on social media!

We know it's been tough, but we also know how strong the Warrior Spirit is! So keep up the training and we will see you on the next course soon! 

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