Daniel Fathers - Academy Student & Agency Member

"I've been an 'Action Actor' for the last 20 years in Hollywood, Canada and UK. I've been shown how to fight with arms, as well as unarmed combat by some of the best Fight Choreographers and Stunt Co-ordinators in the business, but I've never been formally trained in those skills until I reached the British Action Academy.

I learned so much much about many different styles of fighting and weapon systems and I was only on Phase I of Warrior Masterclass. The Instructors are true SME's (Subject Matter Experts). Not only can they DO it, their approach to instructing was absolutely top notch. They not only taught us safely, but also about the history of the weapons and when and who used them.

Whether you're an actor, upgrading your on screen fighting skills, or a professional stunt person, British Action Academy is money well invested in your career and future."

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