Stunt action scenes through the decades

In honour of the release of the 'balls out' stunt action next instalment from Mr Cruise; Mission Impossible Fallout, the BAA team bring you our favourite movie action scenes through the decades.

We start with Jo, our Office Manager's choices!

"I have kicked off this challenge with an eclectic mix of memorable iconic action, fights and stunts. I have swiftly side stepped many legendary action films of the 80’s and 90’s. (I hear you shouting where’s Terminator, Predator and any Steven Spielberg offering?) I stand by my choices!  Here starts the discussion…"


Film: The Seven Samuri (1958) - Sparring Scene

"As much tension as a Hitchcock shower scene".


Film: Bullitt Year (1968) - The care chase through the streets of San Francisco

"Arguably still one of the best car chases in cinematic history, but the back drop of one of my favourite city’s sway this choice".


Film: Enter The Dragon (1973) - O'Hara fight scene.

"The ultimate revenge scene with his arch enemy looking on! Even after defeat the O'Hara comes back for more and more".


Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - Idol escape and stone ball-rolling.

"Memorable, iconic and repeated on and on through time in adverts, TV and by Dad’s in their back gardens!"


Film: The Matrix (1999) - Roof top shoot-out/fight and bullet dodge

"Who hasn’t tried to recreate this with their mates on a night out? Looking obvious just as cool as Neo".


Film: Gladiator (2000) - Opening battle sequence.

"Literally eye superglued to the screen for the whole duration of this battle".


Film: Skyfall (2012) - Rooftop bike chase.

"Bond + motorbike on a roof?... Wow".

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After all...

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