Top Five Reasons To Do Gun Rush

A lot of our students loved their experience on Gun Rush, and have been reaping the benefits of the course since. We thought we would put together our Top 5 Reasons for doing the course, highlighting the benefits of the course, and how it has helped our current students with their career progression.


1. More productions are looking at firearms experience when casting Skilled Supporting Artists!

When dealing with Casting Calls, a lot of productions will now specify that they are looking for someone with firearms experience. This is where Gun Rush comes in handy, its an industry recognised course, that tells stunt coordinators that they can trust you to be able to handle a weapon when they hire you.

“As a Stunt Co-ordinator and Action Director, the value of having skilled supporting artists that are both trained in the use of, and experienced in the handling of guns on set, is invaluable.

Having the skill to carry & use a weapon in a professional looking manner is what it is all about.The ability to look like a trained soldier, assassin, or whatever is required, demands an understanding of how to use the guns and to be comfortable with handling them in a safe, professional manner.

For me, it is a question I always ask.What experience do they have with guns?

To look professional you have to have some form of competent, relevant training, and not everyone has been a soldier.The Gun Rush course is perfect as it allows me to employ people safe in the knowledge that they are both competent and can look the real deal.”

- Tony Lucken - Stunt Co-ordinator and Action Director


2. It gives you confidence!

It’s a great feeling when you land the role, but that can turn to nerves when you realise you are going to be asked to use either a blank firing or gas powered weapon. Our Gun Rush course gives you the experience, and knowledge that you’ll need to look like you know what you are doing.

"I cannot recommend Gun Rush enough. Being trained on the safety, theory and practical application of firearms by ex-soldiers and military professionals is a definite boost to your CV. The course has allowed me to talk knowledgeably and with confidence to stunt co-ordinators, and possibly most important of all, if anything goes wrong with my gun I know how to sort it out, even right in the middle of a fight with the cameras rolling! Get the training or don’t get picked to play with the loud fun things, it’s as simple as that really”

- Adrian

3. It will improve your performance.

As with all our courses, Gun Rush is centred on your performance. You may have previous firearms experience, or you may be a complete novice. It doesn’t matter, Gun Rush will make sure that you look good on camera, and that your technique works for your character.

“Gun Rush was one of the best courses I have done. It teaches the fundamentals of firearms control needed for work in TV and Film.It taught me different styles and techniques for firearm usage on camera. Which has been of enormous benefit to me for each and every production that I have done since the course.I've played several characters within the past 12 months. Ranging from a drug dealer, a white supremacist and an ex-soldier etc. Although all productions have required different styles they have needed someone with a comprehensive knowledge of firearms. On Jack Ryan season 2 I had to work as part of a private military unit. In our scenes, we were required to infiltrate, control and liberate a concentration camp. I was able to apply the skills taught on Gun Rush like; moving from cover to cover whilst engaging enemy personnel.Considering the course takes one day to complete, it comes with a comprehensive training.”

- Ian


4. You won’t make amateur mistakes!

Take a look at this photo above. Can you tell what this actor is doing wrong? No. Gun Rush will teach you the proper way to handle firearms, so you don’t make a fool of yourself on set.

FYI - If you’re holding a gun sideways you’re likely to get hit in the face with a bullet shell.


5. It’s epically fun!

The last, and maybe most important reason to do Gun Rush is that it’s an enormous amount of fun. You’ll learn a lot throughout the day, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

"So much information and correct use of weapons and positioning throughout the day all under excellent supervision.
Firing positions and movement with a weapon I found extremely useful as were the scenarios.I highly recommend this course if you are interested in becoming an Action Performer or indeed already perform in Film and TV, a thoroughly enjoyable day where I learnt so much about the use of firearms in action performance."

- Rob

So are you ready to join the Gun Rush!

You can find out more about our Gun Rush course by clicking HERE.

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